Sophie Turner’s Applauded Comment on Her Bisexuality

Actress Sophie Turner (GTRES)

The actress, who is married to singer Joe Jonas, wanted to celebrate the arrival of Gay Pride Month with a confession

With the arrival of June, the month of Gay Pride has begun, a celebration that aims to praise the LGTBI + community through various initiatives and remember that, there is still much to fight for their rights. There are many celebrities who have joined to support the group and one of them has been Sophie Turner with a comment on her Instagram that has been highly applauded. And it is that the actress openly refers to her bisexuality, something that her fans have received with great appreciation.

More and more well-known characters dare to step forward and explain to the general public that they are gay, bisexual, trans or non-binary. The last to do so was Demi Lovato, who has confessed not feeling identified with the male and female genders and who has also asked to change her pronouns.

Sam Smith did the same for some time , being one of the first artists to put the question of binary non-identification on the table. Well, now there is another Hollywood actress who, on the occasion of Pride month, has wanted to declare herself bisexual and normalize her condition. It is none other than Sophie Turner.

The Game of Thrones actress has uploaded a story on her Instagram to commemorate the beginning of June where she wrote “It’s pride month baby” as well as filling it with stickers with multicolored hearts, “Gay Pride” phrases and rainbows of the collective. But there is one phrase that has attracted attention above the others.

Sophie Turner Post (Instagram)

“Time is not straight and neither am I”, you can read in this Instagram post, something that has been taken by many as coming out of the closet of the 25-year-old actress who is currently married to singer Joe Jonas, with whom she became a new mom last year.

“Sophie Turner is bisexual. I have won ”or“ Sophie Turner is a bisexual legend and nobody had told me ”are some of the comments that can be read on Twitter and that celebrate this supposed public declaration of the artist’s sexual orientation.

However, if we look back, Sophie Turner has already commented on it in the past, specifically in 2019 (when she was already dating Joe Jonas). It was in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine where she spoke of her feelings towards the singer, with whom she had not yet married.

“I feel much more mature than my age appears. I feel like even though I’m 23 now, I’ve lived long enough to know that I’m in love with Joe. I know this because before him I have met many men and also many women “, she affirmed then and specified even more:” To mature you have to experiment a lot (…). Besides, I fall in love with souls, not with a specific gender ”.

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