Over the past few days, some concept art dedicated to the last episode of the Star Wars saga has leaked online, which showed numerous scenes that were never shot or appeared in some form in the film directed by JJ Abrams.

All this suggested that the unpublished concept art leaked belonged to the story that had been written by Colin Trevorrow and that he should have composed his Episode IX, which according to the screenplay leaks should have been entitled Duel of the Fates. However, Trevorrow himself intervened on his social profiles to confirm that the concepts are not taken from his script that was later discarded for Episode IX.

In fact, on his Twitter profile, the director wrote: ” These are some of the beautiful works of the artists with whom I have been lucky enough to work, but there is nothing that comes from our history. We must give credit to those who made them. I love Phil Szostak’s books. “

As for the existence of two different scripts for Skywalker’s Ascent, previously, it was indeed Chris Terrio to confirm the fact that both he and Abrams had decided not to read Trevorrow’s so as not to be influenced by this last one: ” Both JJ and I are a little superstitious about starting with someone else’s material that could lead us in a different direction from what we would instead land naturally, according to personal sensibilities. Here we have, we have not completely discarded the previous script. there were elements that were also in the Trevorrow script but that we were not aware of, but I don’t know. The Writers Guild of America makes decisions about itTerrio adds: ” We didn’t have a negative attitude towards Colin’s material anyway. We simply didn’t start from there. There is no juicy story of secrets, intrigues or anything else. “

As for the scenes modified after the shooting, the special effects supervisor, Neal Scanlan, said that the differences between what was shot on set and what actually arrived in the room were almost minimal: ” I don’t think there is really anything you haven’t actually seen. JJ usually always shoots variations of some scenes – it’s a very common filming process. But as far as I know, there is no alternative version of Palpatine’s story. We changed some shooting angles, some things about lighting, maybe some little dialogue. But that’s what always happens.

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