Starfield: Bethesda apologizes for Xbox exclusivity

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Starfield was given their first real trailer at E3 2021. In addition to the teaser material, there was also the release date on top of it and it was communicated that the title would be given an Xbox exclusivity – much to the chagrin of the PlayStation community.

Basically, it was only a matter of time before the first big titles received the exclusive Xbox stamp. But that it was about to hit “Starfield”, the first new IP in Bethesda’s 25 years of company history, came as a bit of a surprise.

Bethesda Marketing Director Apologizes for Xbox Exclusivity

In an interview with GameSpot, Pete Hines says a few words on the subject. He apologizes for the exclusivity and says:

“I don’t know how I can take the concerns of PlayStation 5 fans apart from saying that I’m also a PlayStation 5 player and I’ve played a lot of games on the console. There are games that I will continue to play on them. All I can really say is, I apologize because I know how frustrating this can be for people. But unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it. “

It was said in October 2020 that the deal was “not intended” to remove games from gaming communities. But about the PlayStation community, this was probably just hot air. But maybe at the time of the takeover, it was just not yet clear what it would ultimately mean for individual titles. Death loop, for example, remains an exclusive title for the PlayStation.


The executive producer of “Starfield” Todd Howard, however, is certain that it is for the best for “Starfield”. He told The Telegraph:

“You never want to leave people out, do you? But at the end of the day, being able to focus and say this is the game I want to make and the platform I want to produce it for will make it a better product. “

So it is an advantage because everything can concentrate on a specific platform in the development process.

He also states that the Microsoft deal offers a particularly positive thing and that is the release from day 1 in the Xbox Game Pass, which can bring the games directly to the players without additional effort. Then there would be the possibilities with Xbox cloud gaming.


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