Starfield – world premiere: first in-game teaser straight from E3 2021 is here!

© Bethesda

As part of E3 2021 , Microsoft and Bethesda officially presented the upcoming sci-fi adventure Starfield . The first in-game teaser shows the very first pictures of the game, which should now usher in the new franchise. It’s the first franchise in 25 years of Bethesda Game Studios history, and we’re seeing the beginning now! You can watch the trailer here:

Starfield revealed – what does the in-game teaser show?

The first pictures seem very futuristic, as one would expect from a sci-fi setting. But we don’t see too much yet. A space base, an astronaut and a spaceship launch. So far, so “Star”. Gameplay material does not yet exist.
What is “Starfield” about? According to Bethesda, it is an RPG “between the stars” that allows us to create our own characters . We are then sent on a research trip that invites us to explore with “unprecedented freedom” . The aim of the game is:


“To solve the greatest mystery of humanity.”

It is supposed to be the beginning of mankind’s last journey, which is relatively insignificant, but at least makes it seem epic.

© Bethesda / Microsoft

And here are some more information about the release. The release date is November 11, 2022 . It appears exclusively for Xbox, so Xbox Series X / S and the PC. You can even play it with the Xbox Game Pass on the first day .


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