The actor who kissed Addison Rae is engaged to another girl: that’s who!


Addison Rae kissed Tanner Buchanan on the MTV Awards stage… but he’s engaged. Is something being born or is it just a marketing move?

Yesterday we told you about the kiss that took place between Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan on the stage at the MTV Awards. Many thought it was given only to increase curiosity about the film in which the two are the protagonists. To confirm that there is nothing between them, there is a small, but important detail: the Kobra Kai actor has been engaged to his colleague Lizzie Broadway for more than three years!

There are those who, despite this important detail, thought that Tanner had cheated on his girlfriend with Addison on live TV. Even this hypothesis is to be discarded, as the 23-year-old model and actress (who recently starred in Splitting Up Together and The Rookie ) shared an image of her boyfriend on Instagram before the awards ceremony to support him and said nothing about the kiss between. him and Rae.

All those who wish for a ship between Addison and Tanner can only wait to see their film together, accepting the fact that sometimes cinematic kisses don’t turn a fictional couple into a real couple .


Addison Rae kisses an actor on the MTV Awards stage

May 17 article – Addison Rae, surprisingly, kissed a guy on the stage at the MTV Awards. It happened on May 16th, in Los Angeles, on the stage of the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2021 show. The TikTok was there together with Tanner Buchanan, the co-star actor of the film He’s All That (which will be released in the coming months on Netflix, here you will find more information ).

The couple was there to present the award for “best kiss” and, before reading the verdict, they exchanged an outpouring on stage. Well, you can imagine it too: it was a surprise for everyone. But what can this kiss mean ?! It may have been a clever marketing move to launch the film, which should be out soon. But, actually, it can also be the sign of a flirtation between Addison and the actor with whom she shared the film set for a few months ( ps: we opt for the first hypothesis, that of the marketing move).

Addison Rae kisses Tanner Buchanan. Bryce Hall’s reaction tweets: “It sucks”

Reactions to Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan’s kiss were mixed. There are those who greatly appreciated this exchange of effusions, and started the ship, but there are also those who did not take it very well. A random name? Bryce Hall! Addison’s ex-boyfriend posted a rather ambiguous tweet, which according to his fans is directed towards the TikTok: “ sucks, but moving on “, which means “ it sucks, but let’s go further “.

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