The Mini Red Swimsuit by Alexa Dellanos That She Wore on the Balcony


Alexa modeled her mini red swimsuit from the balcony and managed to impress netizens and also those who saw her life

The beautiful American model Alexa Dellanos really enjoys modeling from the balcony of one of her apartments or at least she has shown it by modeling from that place on several occasions and with different outfits.

On this occasion, the beautiful daughter of Myrka Dellanos was placed on her favorite balcony with a rather small red swimsuit that really managed to adorn her figure in a perfect way, so her fans gave her their likes quickly, taking her piece of entertainment to the 142,000 plus gathering a ton of supportive comments.

This photo was uploaded so that we can appreciate the excellent landscape that it has, in addition to the fact that she adorns it in an excellent way, her figure has been in constant exercise to reach that shape as well as some little help with various procedures that she really enjoys doing.

Of course, the young woman knows the great attention she has and has been trying to increase the number of followers on her account, reaching more than 4.2 million so far.

By the way, Alexa is preparing the launch of her new Lexidoll brand, to which she has already opened her own Instagram, which has already reached almost 100,000 followers, so surely we will soon have surprises on her part.


But that’s not all because Alexa not only enjoys modeling but also loves music and was practicing her DJ skills just a few hours ago uploading a video in which she is mixing her favorite songs.


They were also showcased by another of their swimsuits, a blue and white color that really looks like the heaven itself when being put on the figure of the influencer.

She also shared that her boyfriend Alec Monopoly was at an event in which to open his store to sell his best pieces and his most exclusive works.

Those who are true fans want to see the model with her mother, the famous Telemundo presenter, because despite the fact that they have an age difference, their fans consider that they even look like sisters and one of the most beautiful networks.

The beautiful young woman has been fulfilling is what she promised in 2020 to attend a lot of the beach and pool her favorite places in the world that she could not attend in that year thanks to the world situation that kept her locked in her house at just like all of us.

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