the results of the contest of the Savage x Fenty revealed to you !


Last spring, Rihanna released her unique beauty contest “Savage x Fenty”. Take a look at the names of the winners, as well as their reactions !

Very active on social media, Rihanna has released recently the cast of the summer campaign of the brand. The new muses Savage x Fenty do not always go back no ! MCE TV tells you everything from a to Z.

Brenda Senyana, Kortney Russell, Gerlind Anagho and Sariena Luy are so happy the winners of the contest Saveage x Fenty.

After several months of expectations, the 4 new muses therefore, have the honor of representing the brand of Rihanna. It is what it is !

Interviewed by the magazine Vogue, Senyana then, it shows your happiness. There was always something !

“I received a message from the page of Instagram Wild, tells me that it has been selected. My world stopped at the same time “.

“I have already participated in the contest, but never you say to yourself that you’re going to win. That is the hope. Well, today is my turn ! “.

The new protected Rihanna seems to be so very happy. She still can’t !

Rihanna: the results of your contest Savage x Fenty know!!

Rihanna: the results of your contest Savage x Fenty know!!

Rihanna: the new muses Savage x Fenty show your joy !

Big fan of Rihanna, as well as the fashion, the Gerlind Anagho considered, therefore, still in a dream.

“When I found out that I was one of the winners, I could barely drive. I was shaking and I was crying tears of joy“.

“I stopped at a place and I screamed. One has to believe that he had won the lottery… “.

“I’ve seen people who have this kind of reactions and I thought that was exaggerated. But now I can say that I understand.

Of your hand, Kortney Russell also can’t get over him. “I am a big fan of Rihanna“.

“When I saw the post Savage x FentyI said then that I was going to at least try (…) I could not let this opportunity, I slip through their fingers “.