The white worms with I hate it when the grass is long


A study conducted at the University of Quebec in Three-Rivers concludes that greatly complicates the life of the larvae, leaving the grass longer.

The summer of 2013 has been the season of white grubs in Three Rivers. The sports fields of the city have been infested, as hundreds of lawns of private citizens.

Everywhere, the grass became yellow and rub their feet on the ground was enough to reveal the critters that feed on the roots of the grass.

Since then, the City is investing $ 30,000 per year to protect their land.

“When the grass is higher, the adult insects that cause the worms are white, they have more difficulties to go to deposit their eggs in the soil, so there is less white,” sums up Cynthia Simard, of the City.

The grubs become japanese beetles or european chafer.

Christopher Watson, a postdoctoral fellow in environmental science at the University of Quebec in Three-Rivers, is the author of this study, conducted in collaboration with the City.

The ecology and the economy

The analysis, which compiles forty independent studies, concludes that the grass is not going to stand up better to drought and invasive plants, such as ragweed. It will present a better biodiversity and will have a cost of less maintenance.

“You only have to wait one more week before cutting, or five centimeters long, which makes a huge difference,” she says.

For the City, is one of the best environmental practices and of a money economy.

If it reduces the harvest of the earth is much used from 15 to 10 times per summer, and the cup of the land unlikely to be used three times per year, the cost can go from $ 800,000 to about $ 550,000.

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However, it is too early to quantify the gains in relation to the first of the City in this folder.

The life of insects

The researcher believes that it is necessary to also address the prejudices that surround the grass is longer.

“This is a topic a little difficult, because the majority of the citizens of a city do not like insects “, let-fall.

State of Facebook of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has transmitted the results of this study in January.

Screenshot taken from Facebook

State of Facebook of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has transmitted the results of this study in January.

Curious fact : the actor Leonardo DiCaprio has posted on Facebook a link bearing on this study in January.

“It is good ! But this is not the reason for which the study was performed. Still, it’s a way of bringing the science to the public, ” said Christopher Watson.


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