There’s mail for you 2022: Meghan Markle guest, chi indiscretion


We are already talking about it from the next edition of C’è posta per te or the programme conducted byto Maria De Filippi and that will surely return to the air starting from next January 2022. It seems that in these days an indiscretion has spread according to which the next edition of the program could take part in a prominent character and that especially in recent years has been quite at the center of international gossip.

There is mail for you 2022, a special guest who could really change the fate of the program

It would be a question of Meghan Markle, orvvero la wife of Prince Harry che could actually be present in one of the episodes of the next season of There is mail for you. But who was to launch this indiscretion and what chances there are to see exactly Meghan in Maria De Filippi’s program?


Meghan Markle at There’s Mail for You

We are talking about one of the flagship programs of Mediaset also one of the most important and most followed dthe Maria De Filippi. Most likely for the nEggs season of There’s mail for you it will start from January 2022. The company will try in every way to make as many plays as possible and above all to win over the Saturday night competition that has always been very strong. Obviously in case it should really be present Meghan Markle the company could succeed in this goal. In any case, it was precisely those who launched this indiscretion on Instagram

The indiscretion launched by CHIMAGAZINE.IT

MARIA DE FILIPPI, THE REST OF THE QUEEN – AFTER ATTENDING THE FUNERAL OF HER FRIEND RAFFAELLA CARRÀ, THE PRESENTER TOOK A VERY SHORT BREAK AT THE BEACH. A FEW DAYS OF RELAXATION, BUT WITHOUT EVER “DETACHING” FROM WORK, BETWEEN THE EDITING OF “TEMPTATION ISLAND” AND THE LADDERS OF “TÚ SÍ QUE VALES”. This is what you read on Instagram and specifically son the page of the weekly Who, ifwith which the participation of Meghan Markle to the program of Maria De Filippi. in short Mary it seems to be once again ready for this new television season that will be full of appointments just like the past ones. Among other things, the recordings of Tu si que vales have already begun, with the special participation of Belen who became a mother a few days ago of the little Luna Marì.


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