This Is the Beginning of the End…


After the divorce, the family of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be going through another upheaval, to the next school year… from September, Maddox, the eldest of the clan from going to university, very far away from him, as he will study in South Korea!

Maddox settled in South Korea

According to People magazine, the young man of 18 years has chosen the Yonsei University, even if it has “been accepted in other universities”. There will follow a training in biochemistry, in the Korean language, which he studied in due course “several times a week”.

It is necessary to tell that the teenager is preparing for a few months already, to his great departure. In November 2018, during an official trip to the united nations, Maddox had accompanied her mom to the Top-United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Together, they had visited two campuses in Seoul.

Without surprise, her mom is extremely proud of him, even if he misses terribly. Moreover, it is she who will leave in August next, considering that it is now “ready” to fly with its wings. We imagine that the heroine of “Evil” will often be in the plane with his five other children – Pax, 15 years, Zahara, aged 14, Shiloh, 13, and twins Knox and Vivienne, aged 11 years. A close relative said that “they hope to all go there”.

In the columns of It, this month, Angelina Jolie has paid tribute to his eldest son. She has written about him and Pax, “I could not be more proud of my son for the men that they are in the process of becoming, because they respect their sisters, and are respected by them”.

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About her small, Angelina Jolie has also reported: “I often tell my girls that the most important thing to do is to develop their minds. You can always put on a pretty dress, but what you wear on the outside does not matter, if your spirit is not strong”.

Angelina Jolie has big plans

Luckily, Angelina Jolie will not have time to get bored in the next few months, after the departure of Maddox. A few days ago, she was assured that she had to accept to play a role in the saga of Marvel superheroes, one of Thena.


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