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The action movie has a new anti-hero : Tyler Rake, mercenary launched in the streets of Dhaka to save his hostage. Spotlight on behind-the-scenes movie Netflix, led by Chris “Thor” Hemsworth.


Attention, the following paragraphs will contain some spoilers on the movie Tyler Rake.

Since this Friday, April 24, the subscriber(e) Netflix vibrate to the rhythm of the extraction eventful conducted by the mercenary Tyler Rake, aka Chris Hemsworth, in the heart of the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh. A first film that the actor was australian, also a producer, has qualified to experience the most intense and grueling of his career, yet rich in action scenes. The director who came from the stable Marvel at a memorable clip of 11 minutes, AlloCiné you summed up everything there is to know about the film.

The film is directed by Captain America

Or almost. Behind the camera for his first feature film, we find Sam Hargrave, a stuntman u.s. is very involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since it has, in particular, doubled Chris Evans / Captain America in the Avengers, the Soldier of The Winter and the Civil War, and oversaw the waterfalls of Infinity War, and Endgame (we owe him the memorable fight Cap vs. Cape town where he faces… his own brother, now the lining of Evans to his tour !). We also count on its impressive CV the role of lining of Hugh Jackman on Wolverine battle of the immortal, or the supervision of the stunts of the Hunger Games or Atomic Blonde.

The “Oner” of 11 minutes

The highlight of the film : a (fake) clip of 11 minutes, during which Tyler Rake and the hostage as he tries to free to confront their pursuers in a car, on rooftops, in apartments, between trucks and scooters… A “Oner” (an accumulation of sequences of two or three minutes shot and edited to give the illusion of a long plan-sequence) is very impressive, including a few images of behind the scenes revealed by Netflix provide an overview of the challenge faced by the producer (sometimes arnaché with his camera on the hood of a car !) and Chris Hemsworth, which has been replaced only at very rare occasions by a lining on plans deemed too dangerous by insurance companies. In the end, the scene required five months of preparation and ten days of shooting, in the order of the sequence.

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The film is written and produced by Joe Russo

Tyler Rake is adapted from the graphic novel Ciudadpublished in 2014 by Ande Parks, Fernando Leon Gonzalez, Eric Skillman and the tandem Anthony and Joe Russo. Yes, the two brothers who carried out The Soldier of winter, the Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame within the MCU. Joe Russo, who also acts in the production along with Chris Hemsworth and his brother Anthony on Tyler Rake, has himself adapted the comic book for the cinema, and proposed the project to Sam Hargrave for his first creation.

The film could have been brought by Schwarzie, or Bruce Willis

Tribute assumed and asserted in the action films of the 90s, Tyler Rake has for a few years sailed in the hands of the Expendables Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. At this time, the film, entitled Out Of The Firewas to take place, such as the graphic novel, in a south american city.

The director is offered a small role

Not content to oversee his first feature film (after five shorts), Sam Hargrave appears in Tyler Rake. It is he who hides behind the beard, and the sniper rifle “G”, or Gaetan, a mercenary tasked to support the exfiltration of Chris Hemsworth and his hostage at the beginning of the film.

This is the film with the most intense of the career of Chris Hemsworth

Since 2011, he wields the hammer of Thor for Marvel, while illustrating at the same time in other roles in intense physical (Rush, in The heart of the ocean, the Horse Soldiers…). Yet Chris Hemsworth has by his own admission never known an experience like that of Tyler Rake, with a complexity and a fatigue raised to a new level for him. The actor has therefore embarked on a rigorous preparation, with a physical training pushed the fight and the handling of firearms and bladed weapons, and an immersion in the team stunts to catch all the choreography.

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But he has not really jumped off a cliff

When the spectator gets acquainted with Tyler Rakethe mercenary jumps off a cliff into a lake situated several tens of metres below. A first impressive scene, that is the responsibility of match-fixing : the actor has jumped well, but only on three meters, before being cushioned by a mattress of blue. The plan was then mixed with a plan of its lining Bobby Holland Hanton to perfect the illusion. On the other hand, plans submarine have allowed the actor to demonstrate other physical feat : the own admission of the director, it is still more than two minutes thirty seconds under water, the time to double the taken, in a state of almost-meditative.

Filming locations

Tyler Rake was shot in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nakhon Pathom in Thailand and Ahmedabad, India.

A French voice always present

If the containment linked to the pandemic of COVID-19 was temporarily away from the actors of dubbing studios, the VF of Tyler Rake was able to take advantage of the stamp’s inimitable Adrien Antoine. The official voice of Chris Hemsworth from Thor, the actor also doubles Zachary Quinto (Spock), Henry Cavill (Superman), Sam Worthington (Avatar), Garrett Hedlund (Tron : Legacy) as well as Batman in several animated movies and series. You said King of Pop… Culture ?

A death inspired by an internet user

At the beginning of the film, Tyler Rake eliminates the last guardian of the hostage with him by pulling the face on the peaks of a rake. A death inspired Sam Hargrave by a comment posted on the web ! As he explained in an interview with Menshealthhe had thus read, at the time the project was announced : “If Tyler Rake (which means rake in English, editor’s NOTE) uses a râeau to kill someone, I’m going to fart a cable !” Motivated by the concept and the idea of meeting a fan, neo-filmmaker has, therefore, integrated into this short sequence in the film.

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