Uncharted: The Film Shows Itself In New Mysterious Images (Update)

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony has released a new picture from the upcoming Uncharted film. It shows the young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and his mentor Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). The two adventurers seem to be in a church looking for something.

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Original message from January 4, 2021: The upcoming Uncharted film is currently still dividing the fan base. Some are incredibly looking forward to the filming of the Naughty Dog games, others are repeatedly dissatisfied with the cast of Spider-Man star Tom Holland as Nathan Drake.

However, the young actor fits into the role of the adventurer, after all, in the prologue we get to see Drake’s early years. That’s why Sully, played by Mark Wahlberg, will also play a major role in the film. Now we seem to learn a little more about the associated story in the new pictures.

Uncharted film in new images

In order to get in the mood for the filming right at the beginning of the year, Sony has now released four new photos that show us some excerpts from the Uncharted film. The focus seems to be a mysterious golden cross that opens locked doors:

What’s up with the cross? Although the cross was not used directly in any of the Uncharted games, it was one of the collectibles that could be found in the first part of the series. In addition to Sully’s iconic outfits from Uncharted 3, this would have revealed another parallel to the games, although the film adaptation is not based on any of the games directly, but tells independent prehistory.

This is what the find looks like in the first part of the Naughty Dog series. It differs optically, but could still represent a connection to the template. © Naughty Dog / YOU

The statue that can be seen in the new pictures also bears a cross symbol and the map, which has also been published, appears to mark an associated location in Africa. So maybe the journey will lead us to the African continent and maybe to the door that can open the key cross.

More details are not yet known about the plot. After the new pictures, however, it should not be long before a first trailer for the Uncharted film is finally presented. After all, the start of the flick is scheduled for July 15, 2021, and therefore not too far off.

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