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With this cover irresistible to the godfather of soul, the comedian switzerland MC Roger wanted to give pleasure while recalling with humor the message of prevention against the sars coronavirus.

This adaptation of Sex Machine James Brown the sauce coronavirus video is the most exciting and the most energizing that it was granted to us to see this week. You Stoppes and you galopes is signed MC Roger, a comedian, a swiss from Neuchâtel.

He is seen dancing with a cart in the parking lot of a supermarket and then full choreography of hip-hop in a grocery store, in the company of two friends, Maurizio and Idan. “Follow the instructions, respect the line, you stoppes and you galopes“says the chorus, which sticks conveniently to the chanting (originalGet up, get on up) the Godfather of soul. While the clip is a good start to make the rounds of the social networks, we have taken our phone to learn more.

If this parody, filmed last week in a handful of hours (and with a careful observance of the instructions) by his friend Christopher Meyer, is impeccable, is that MC Roger, his real name is David Charles, is not at his first attempt. The parody musical, and it knows it. By dragging on its YouTube account, it has been found in the shovel, dated as of the past three years : he has made it a specialty.

There is a parody of Despacito Luis Fonsi, renamed It is the aperitif by Luis Fonsdé, that of Drop it Like it’s Hot Snoop Dogg become The sauciflard, or again Undermined as never Master Gims, turned into a Scrape as ever – there is a question of raclette, one of the obsessions cheeses from our Swiss that can be found in Fondue Disco, replay September Earth Wind & Fire.

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If the choreography hip-hop clip You stoppes and you galopes is very successful, it is not a coincidence. MC Roger began his artistic career in the hip-hop dance and competitions of breakdancing before becoming a professional dancer, and hang on its name to the castings of a few musicals, including The Ten Commandmentswe said it.

After a hook as a singer and rapper in the group D-Verse City, he has written a one man show with multiple characters that eventually emerged MC Roger, “a rapper-gangster of mountains in switzerland, completely shifted“. The video parody Scrape as ever has made him known. It was in June 2017. Since that time, MC Roger made his way. “I’ve finally written a show an hour and a half only on this character, in which he speaks of his wife, his kids. Because MC Roger is a bit of a caricature of myself“says this young father of a family.

Videos parody, there are others in the store, ready to be published, but they do not concern either the coronavirus or the containment. “As it speaks only of the virus in that time, I would have had the impression of being off topic and go completely to the side of what we saw in the posting. So I decided to concentrate on the fight against this bastard off, and as I am not a caregiver but a comedian I have tried to give a little pleasure to people“.

And what’s better than this piece explosive James Brown to give energy ? “It is so funky, it can only feel good listening to it. In the lyrics, I take the opportunity to pass on a little message of prevention, calling to respect the rules, the only way to eradicate this virus as soon as possible.”

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MC Roger, in the clip directed by Christophe Meyer of
MC Roger, in the clip directed by Christophe Meyer of “You stoppes and you galopes”, a parody of “Sex Machine” of James Brown in a time of sars coronavirus. (INPUT SCREEN YOUTUBE)

In Switzerland, the confinement is a “semi-containment“we learn it. “It is encouraged to stay indoors but you can take the air without the risk of being verbalized, as in Italy or in France. But here at home everything is closed, except the shops of first necessity and all the shows are cancelled. I had a lot of cancellations. And then I had to present myself at the Avignon Off, I had appointments with agencies and prod and whirling French on which I counted so I’m disappointed by the cancellation of the Avignon festival, and very frustrated“.

What makes boost the morale of the MC Roger arrow, that dozens of messages of sympathy it has already received over networks, and in particular on his account Instagramsince he has posted You stoppes and you galopes. “A nurse in marseilles, said to me : you’ve made me wellit impacted me a lot. The singer Sheila has done a story to say, it was great, I was shocked. And then François Feldman, that has rocked my childhood and which my mother is a super fan, has “liked” my post by saying : I love. Wow, that is crazy.“Go to Avignon for a triumph in 2021 ?


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