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This week, I present a new weekly column on What’s On Disney, where team members share what they watched on Disney + during the week.


It has been a good week for new content, I’ve looked at all new to see what they looked like. “Zenimation” was just weird, it looked lovely but I didn’t understand it !. The last episode of ” the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian “, has been one of my favorite episodes of the season so far and learn about a dog and a cheetah living together in “It’s A Dog’s Life” was interesting. I watched the first episode of ” The Big Fib “, but I didn’t really, because this was not for me. The two highlights for me this week is the Pixar Sparkshort “Out”, which I found fantastic, and the concert of Taylor Swift, “City of Lover”. I repeated several times during the week and I really hope that we will see more concerts available on Disney + in the future. Far from Disney +, I also took the opportunity of Gangs Of London, After Life, Brassic and the A-Word.


This week, I get my fix “Star Wars”. I’m currently looking into the 3 season of ” Rebels “. This is my favorite of the television series, “Star Wars” and I discover something new each time I watch it. I also decided to watch ” Avatar “. I have not seen it when it came out for the first time and I wanted to give him enough time to exceed the hype that surrounded it, so I could judge it on its own merit rather than on what others tell me. In addition to these, I’ve looked at the “Be Our Leader” and “The Big Fib” with my son. They are more focused on children, but it is good to have something to link up.


I watched the live version of Aladdin this week. I enjoyed most of the adaptations in direct and Aladdin is no exception.
I think that Mena Massoud is perfect as Aladdin. He plays the “rat street” with a lot of charm. Will Smith had the difficult task of trying to make us forget Robin Williams, and although this does not happen, its representation as a genius is always nice. The song added “Speechless” makes Jasmine a character more interesting.


It was the anticipation, to begin our adventure Disney More when the application has taken on a life on our X-Box One. Disney, Pixar, Marvel and what, Net Geo? That is really going to be interested in it? It turns out that we like Net Geo. Free Solo Jeff Goldblum, our new adventure, Net Geo that was just the start. We discovered that we could drain, walk in the Grand Canyon and travel with Gorden Ramsey, and Albert Lin in wonderful adventures and exciting. Net Geo..who is going to watch it? We are!!! This week, we watched the episode of Sodom and Gomorrah the series, Buried Secrets Of The Bible With Albert Lin of Nat Geo.


On the recommendation of another member of the group, I found “The Straight Story” based on the true story of Alvin Straight. Alvin, 73 years of age, has not been able to obtain a driving license due to health problems. In 1994, he led his lawn mower 240 miles / 386 km, at a maximum speed of approximately 5 miles / 8 kilometers, from Iowa to Wisconsin, in the United States, to repair his brother away in the hope of reaching before, finally, frankly, the health of one or the other brother fails.

It is far from being a film tape to the eye or exciting, but it is a film which many can relate to because Alvin passes on her knowledge to all that he meets along the way. The film was directed by David Lynch and scored by Angelo Badlamenti, both famous Twin Peaks at the time of the release of the film in 1999.

I also recently watched “Saving Mr. Banks”, “Mary Poppins” and, in appropriate follow-up, the first episode of “Prop Culture”, with accessories of “Mary Poppins”. These three films form a perfect weekend for Mary Poppins… now I look forward to ” The Boys “, on the musical genius of The Sherman Brothers, which was added Friday.

What have you watched on Disney + this week? Let us know in the comments below:

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