why the Royal Family trembles



Queen Elizabeth’s grandson will soon be in the bookstore with his autobiography: ups, downs, mistakes and loves. And already the Royal family trembles

The Prince Harry he returned to talk about himself, no longer for the celebration of the baptism of the little one Lilibet Diana, but for a great novelty that sees him as the protagonist in the first person. The brother of the future king of England + about to write his first autobiography.

The indiscretion was launched by the well-known magazine People. And already Buckingham Palace trembles. If in the past the biographies – not officially authorized – on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have caused more than a stomach ache to the Queen Elizabeth, to Charles and the royal family, who knows what will happen with the direct revelations of Prince Harry himself.


The publishing house Penguin Random House revealed that to know the date of publication you have to wait a little longer. But according to the current programming – therefore without any unforeseen events – the autobiography is scheduled for mid-2022.

The book will follow a chronological order of facts. Harry will then begin to write about his childhood, which many have painted in the past as happy and serene. The presence of mother Diana she was fundamental in her life. The Duke of Sussex will have to face even the saddest and most painful pages, such as the loss of his beloved mother.

A tragic accident under the Alma bridge in Paris broke the life of Princess Diana, now outside the English royal house, as a result of her divorce from Prince Charles. Among the other topics that will certainly be covered in Harry’s autobiography, there is also the military period past in Afghanistan.

Queen Elizabeth’s favorite grandson will also open to unpublished works regarding his meeting with the woman who bewitched him and made him capitulate at the wedding: Meghan Markle. Their wedding was a fairy tale that made the most romantic dream.

But the months that followed were punced by many criticisms and missteps. Not least the cd. Megxit. Or the exit – not entirely definitive – of Harry and Meghan from the Royal Family. No more public prerogatives or state commitments for the couple who preferred to retrace the steps of Edward VIII.

Prince Harry has stated about his autobiography, which he will write as the man he is. His hope it is the one that by telling its story you can show how much in life it does not matter where you come from, because you have more in common than you think. The entire proceeds from the book’s sales will go entirely to charity.


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