Will Addison Rae leave social media? The TikToker responds in its podcast!


Addison Rae has long since become the second most followed tiktoker in the world after Charli D’Amelio. His followers increase day by day and with them also the criticisms against him. Despite starting his career by re-proposing trends on the Chinese app, he has shown that he is talented, not only as dancer, also as singer and actress.

After the great success achieved away from the Internet, Addison’s fans were worried that the tiktoker wanted to abandon his career on social media and continue only in the musical and cinematographic field. But the young star reassured his audience in the podcast That Was Funny?, which he leads together with his mother SheriDeclaring

I could do it easily, it’s literally just a click and that’s what I was thinking about… I was thinking about film, music and writing and I said to myself: why should I give up? I love all this so much! If I deleted all my social media I could continue to make music and things like that, but social media is part of me!

Those who think that managing social profiles of the caliber of Addison Rae is simple, are wrong: every day you have to fight against haters and fake news. The pressure is always very high! Nevertheless, it seems that the TikTok star is determined to continue his career on social media, despite the upcoming release of his first album. Fans expect great things from Addison and we are sure she will not disappoint us!

[FOTO: TikTok]

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