Demi Rose

The British model Demi Rose known for her exuberant curves showed her followers a beautiful yellow dress with which she left her enormous charms insight.

Possessing a curvy figure and an angelic face difficult to ignore, this British beauty has earned the love and desire of her millions of followers, she knows perfectly how to keep them interested and takes advantage of her trips to share entertaining content insight.

Thanks to her photos or sometimes captivating videos, Demi Rose has gained 16.6 million followers on Instagram alone, making her a celebrity.

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Whenever he publishes something new, his fans immediately begin to love him, we can see this in each and every one of his publications, which have at least 200 thousand red hearts.

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The images that we usually see of her are more than revealing and a bit risque, although of course always taking care and trying not to show too much.

In her most recent photo, the same one that she shared in her Instagram stories, she appears with her enormous charms in sight, thanks to the garment she is wearing, a beautiful yellow dress that seems to be made of satin fabric that has a deep “V” neck , almost where your ribs begin.


A few days ago, the beautiful model decided to change her look a bit and wear it a little lighter at the ends, which combines perfectly with her beautiful dress, which by the way has a kind of ruffles on the shoulders.

Just over an hour ago, Demi Rose decided to share this image for her followers, where once again her charms were the protagonists of the snapshot, a credit that they undoubtedly shared with her angelic face.

Thanks to her exquisite figure, this beauty born in Birmingham, United Kingdom has conquered millions since she decided to move to the United States and captivate everyone with her beauty, on some occasions she has been confused with Anastasia Kvitko because both are possessors of curvy figures. quite striking and voluptuous, however, both are totally different in terms of styles.

Another thing in which they agree is that both have launched a page in OnlyFans, surely both one and the other will begin to see great profits with their content in said accounts.

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