You Can See Tesla’s Cybertruck In Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games

A few days ago businessman Elon Musk surprised everyone with a prototype electric car for the future market. We talk about the peculiar Tesla Cybertruck, which has been the subject of memes and a thousand stories related to video games such as Cyberpunk 2077 or the games of the Halo saga. But now, what really matters is not to talk about theories and speculations about the inspiration of Tesla engineers and designers for the creation of this vehicle. You can see Tesla’s Cybertruck in Grand Theft Auto V, thanks to the arduous task of the creators of mods for the Rockstar game.

And is that one of the things that makes Grand Theft Auto V on PC so special is the great involvement of the moders community for this game. Its potential is incredible, beyond offering visual improvements, there is a lot of content in this game created by this community. Much of the implication, from the first moment, lay in getting real models to the game. So, to the problem of licenses of Rockstar Games to put in their games real vehicles, the community of mods does this enchanted work. And now, in a seen and not seen since its presentation, you can already see the Tesla Cybertruck in Grand Theft Auto V.

As echoed by Eurogamer, there are several users who wanted to share this extravagant creation through a mod for the Rockstar Games game. Being, in addition, such a striking model, it has not required much time to be able to integrate it into the game and to be able to walk, in a very ecological and sustainable way, through the streets of Los Santos.

Of course, many will think that it is not more than a badly designed car, because its forms are very simple and polygonal. It should not be thought that it is the design of a nursery child or an in-game fault that has not loaded the car’s textures well. It is so, squared, with vertices and few details to reflect in its lines and textures. In fact, it is a car made of aluminum, without a coat of paint, as was the mythical DMC Delorean.

And with this, a new demonstration of how the moders community is attentive and active to make it easier for us to enjoy their creations in many games. Taking advantage of the options offered by Grand Theft Auto V, the addition of this design shows that a sustainable and ecological world in video games is also possible. Now, what will happen to the armored windows? They may work better in the game than in the presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck.


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